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The Outer Sequences is an independent, musician-controlled music access point.  The music and viewpoints presented here need not conform to popular expectations, but are made available for consideration by interested investigators.  Our presentation format departs from typical band and music publication sites inasmuch as they are greatly lacking.  On these sites musicians are limited to displaying a few pictures (your band photo) and can upload music mp3s.  For some reason, these websites are designed for social networking.  When all you want to do is play your music, you are expected to make friends.   On these sites people can vote on whether they like your music or not.  Oh, how cool.  It’s designed for the consumer,  but for the musician it feels painfully limited.  So the Outer Sequences is way to get outside the box, as it were.

It may be that we just want to talk about a certain kind of method and give some examples.  Or we may have a complete composition to present for your consideration.  Or we might have something good to say about another artist.  Or we could discuss interesting music technologies.  The content here is intended to be as free form as the commercial sites are formulaic.

The music on this site is composed and recorded by Alfred Steffens Jr (Al Steffens, also known as Rocky Steffens).  For other websites featuring this music see   Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Lumanmagnum.